About Me

Email: ssen@umn.edu

PostDoc, Princeton

PhD, Penn

MS, Penn

BE (Hons.), BITS-Pilani

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems & Decision Sciences at the Carlson School of Management in the University of Minnesota. I am also a Co-founder & Scientific Consultant of DataMi, a startup focused on creating an end-to-end smart data pricing solution for mobile users. Earlier I was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton University and got my PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

My research is interdisciplinary, spanning areas in communication networks and economics. My PhD dissertation was titled "On the Economic Viability of Network Systems & Architectures" (Thesis). During my PhD, I also worked at Bell Labs (report) and Intel Research (report) on network security systems. Since then I have been working on developing end-to-end solutions involving theory, systems, and field trials of new technologies. In my research, I analyze the complex interplay between technological, economic, and human factors in the context of Wireless network sustainability with Smart Data Pricing (Overview, Experiments, Human-subject trials), Cloud computing (Resource sharing, Infrastructure choice), Network security (Intrusion Detection, Protocols, Policy), Network economics (Tech. adoption), and Social networks (Movie ratings).

I work with several companies, such as AT&T, Telcordia, Microsoft, Bell Labs, Comcast, and Reliance Communications. I co-organize the Smart Data Pricing forum (SDP 2012, SDP 2013) which brings industry and academia together to discuss research ideas and results.

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My Research

Smart Data Pricing (SDP) [website]

How to keep the Internet technologically sustainable and economically viable in an era of 108% growth rate in mobile data demand and a $10/GB overage penalty by the carriers? I work closely with Internet Service Providers to solve this growing problem of network congestion through a suite of innovative pricing solutions, collectively known as Smart Data Pricing (SDP). This work is being done in collaboration with AT&T, Bell Labs, Reliance Communications, Comcast etc. (Read more…)

Multi-Resource Allocation (MRA) [website]

How to allocate resources in a fair and efficient manner? My research on multi-resource allocation, which won the IEEE INFOCOM 2012 Best Paper Award, tackles this timeless question by using an axiomatic theory of fairness to create a framework for analyzing the tradeoff between fairness and efficiency, and considers its implication for data-center operations. I collaborate with Applied Communication Sciences (formerly Telcordia) on a joint DARPA proposal on mission-aware resilient cloud (MRC). (Read more…)

Information Network Security

How to allocate resources in a network under attack? How to prevent adversarial communication in energy and bandwidth constrained environments? How to enhance the performance of collaborative filtering and intrusion detection systems? How to detect complex meaning in online social media? How to predict the adoption of security measures in a network? In the last 5 years, I have worked with Lockheed Martin, Telcordia, Intel, Bell Labs, IAI, to address these issues and make networks more reliable, efficient, and secure.

Network Architecture Theory (NetArch)

Why is IPv6 adoption so slow? Should a new technology be deployed on a shared or a dedicated network infrastructure? When is a minimalist design the right choice for a network platform? These questions have motivated me to study analytical frameworks that model the interplay between economic and technological factors, and their impact on the deployment of new network technologies.

Business Intelligence Gathering (BiG)

Can Twitter predict the success of a movie or the political inclination of a news media? Can we create a “Twitter OS”? Should we trust the ratings on Amazon? The BiG project is about analyzing user data from online social networks and Internet service providers to quantify bias, predict outcomes, and derive business insights for e-commerce and networked systems.

Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

How do Internet users react to pricing signals from the network? How do they share their data caps with family members? How do they trade-off between fairness and efficiency of resources allocated to them? I worked on designing apps, like TDP app, DataWiz, which have been used to study the relationship between technological, economic, and human factors in the context of network technologies.


New Papers

April, 2013
"Incentive Analysis of Bidirectional Filtering in the Internet", M. H. R. Khouzani, S. Sen, N. Shroff, WEIS, 2013.

March, 2013

"Quantifying Political Leaning from Tweets and Retweets", M. F. Wong, C. W. Tan, S. Sen, M. Chiang, International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM), 2013.

February, 2013

"A Framework for Energy-efficient Adaptive Jamming of Adversarial Communications", J. Chen, S. Sen, D. Dorsey, M. Chiang, accepted in CISS, 2013.

January, 2013

"A Survey of Broadband Data Pricing: Past Proposals, Current Plans, and Future Trends", S. Sen, C. Joe-Wong, S. Ha, M. Chiang, accepted in ACM Computing Surveys, 2013.

December, 2012

"When the Pricing is Right: Enabling Time-Dependent Pricing for Broadband Networks," S. Sen, C. Joe-Wong, S. Ha, J. Bawa, and M. Chiang, accepted in ACM SIGCHI 2013.

November, 2012

"Multi-Resource Allocation: Fairness-Efficiency Tradeoffs in a Unifying Framework," C. Joe-Wong, S. Sen, T. Lan, and M. Chiang, accepted in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.

"Offering Supplementary Wireless Technologies: Adoption Behavior and Offloading Benefits," C. Joe-Wong, S. Sen, S. Ha, accepted in IEEE INFOCOM 2013, Turin, Italy.

"An Economic Analysis of Regulating Security Investments in the Internet," M. H. R. Khouzani, S. Sen, N. Shroff, accepted in IEEE INFOCOM 2013, Turin, Italy.

"AMUSE: Empowering Users for Cost-Aware Offloading with Throughput-Delay Tradeoffs," Y. Im, C. Joe-Wong, S. Ha, S. Sen, T. Kwon, M. Chiang, accepted in IEEE INFOCOM 2013 (mini-conference), Turin, Italy.

September, 2012

"The Economics of Shared Data Plans", S. Sen, C. Joe-Wong, S. Ha, accepted in the 22nd Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems, WITS 2012.

August, 2012

"Incentivizing Time-Shifting of Data: A Survey of Time-Dependent Pricing for Internet Access", S. Sen, C. Joe-Wong, S. Ha, M. Chiang, accepted in IEEE Communications Magazine, 4th quarter issue, 2012.

July, 2012

"Autonomous, Collaborative Control for Resilient Cyber Defense (ACCORD)", S. Wagner, et al., accepted in Workshop on Adaptive Host and Network Security, SASO 2012.

"Analysis of Slotted Aloha with Multipacket Messages in Clustered Surveillance Networks", S. Sen, D. J. Dorsey, R. Guerin, M. Chiang, is accepted in IEEE MILCOM 2012.

June, 2012

"Managing the Adoption of Asymmetric Bidirectional Firewalls: Seeding and Mandating", M. H. R. Khouzani, S. Sen, N. B. Shroff, is accepted in IEEE GLOBECOM, March 2012.

April, 2012

"TUBE: Time Dependent Pricing for Mobile Data", S. Ha, S. Sen, C. Joe-Wong, Y. Im, and M. Chiang, is accepted in ACM SIGCOMM 2012, August, Helsinki.  read more

"Why Watching Movie Tweets Won't Tell the Whole Story?", F. M. F. Wong, S. Sen, M. Chiang, is accepted in WOSN 2012, SIGCOMM.  read more

"Enabling Mobile Time-Dependent Pricing", S. Ha, S. Sen, C. Joe-Wong, R. Rill, and M. Chiang, is accepted for demo in MobiSys 2012, June, London.  read more

March, 2012

"Multi-Resource Allocation: Fairness-Efficiency Tradeoffs in a Unifying Framework,", C. Joe-Wong, S. Sen, T. Lan, and M. Chiang, won the 2012 IEEE INFOCOM Best Paper Award.  read more

"Aperator: Making Tweets Enable Actionable Commands on Third Party Web Applications", P. Zakin, S. Sen, and M. Chiang, WebApps 2012, USENIX, Boston.  read more

February, 2012

"Pricing Data: A Look at Past Proposals, Current Plans, and Future Trends", S. Sen, S. Ha, C. Joe-Wong, and M. Chiang, is available at  read more

January, 2012

"Optimized Day-Ahead Pricing for the Smart Grid with Device-Specific Scheduling Flexibility," C. Joe-Wong, S. Ha, S. Sen, and Mung Chiang, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, J-SAC Smart Grid Series, July 2012.  read more