Smart Data Pricing Forum (SDP 2018), Minneapolis

A Feeder Workshop for WITS 2018


Friday, May 18, 2018 (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

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CSOM 2-260R Executive Center
Carlson School of Management
321 19th Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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Scope & Topics

In December 2017, the Federal Communications Commission announced a rollback of the net neutrality rules that is intended to allow broadband providers like AT&T and Comcast to offer consumers a wider variety of service options. These recent developments open up a range of opportunities for the networking industry and academia to jointly explore new directions in pricing innovation and policy issues, not only in the context of broadband networks but also in related sectors, such as the electricity market and smart grids, transportation networks, etc.

Smart Data Pricing (SDP) Forum solicits contributions on state-of-the-art analytical and empirical works on network pricing and policy issues, incentive design, optimization, system design and IT artifacts, Internet user behavior and field experiments. The SDP Forum will bring together leading academics and practitioners in engineering and management disciplines from Universities (such as Princeton, Purdue, Univ. of Minnesota, Carnegie Mellon Univ.), researchers, marketing, product development teams from industry labs, Internet service providers, hardware vendors (Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft, Cisco), and policy-makers, to jointly address the challenges and opportunities presented by the growth in demand for data.

The papers from this workshop will be eligible for presentation in a special session at WITS 2018 in December, 2018 in Santa Clara, CA. Topics of interest to the workshop include (but not limited to):

Monetization of Spectrum: Challenges & Trends
  • Smart Data Pricing innovations: What, Why, and How?
  • Theories, models, and analyses of access pricing/resource monetization
  • Fogonomics – Innovation and pricing in the edge for IoT, edge/fog, 5G networks
  • Differentiated pricing for differentiated services
  • Two-sided pricing, reverse billing, sponsored content, FCC auctions
  • Role of data analytics in designing edge technologies and policies
Hardware/Software Support & Standardization Needs in SDP
  • New architectural needs for access pricing
  • Infrastructural changes and support needed from hardware and software vendors
  • IT Artifact Design and Application in other markets - energy, transportation
Security, Privacy, and Regulatory Challenges of Network Pricing
  • Ensuring security and privacy of user data
  • User interface designs/HCI issues for SDP
  • Role of network economics in traffic delivery for M2M and Cloud
  • Impact of pricing and policies on the "Digital Divide"


Soumya Sen, Univ. of Minnesota
Alok Gupta, Univ. of Minnesota
Mung Chiang, Purdue University
Carlee Joe-Wong, Carnegie Mellon
Matthew Andrews, Nokia Bell Labs

Contact Information

Soumya Sen:

History of Workshop

The 1st workshop on Smart Data Pricing Industry-Academia Workshop was held in 2012 in Princeton, NJ. The academic workshop was held internationally as a part of IEEE INFOCOM between 2013-2017 in Turin, Toronto, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Atlanta. The SDP workshops have a history of nurturing multidisciplinary research by bringing together academics and practitioners from top international Universities, businesses, and policy bodies.

The 2018 Smart Data Pricing Industry Forum will be held on May 18, 2018, in Minneapolis, MN. We solicit contributions describing analyses of state-of-the-art pricing mechanisms and technologies, insights from analytics, results of ongoing research, open issues, trends, pricing-related signaling protocols, net-neutrality related policy implications, standardization activities, and new ideas in smart pricing and economic models for next generation networks.